Men is born to live on earth, birds live in the sky. It’s a fact that men has been fascinated how to fly like a bird. In this era a lot of solutions have been brought up. Airplanes and parachutes are some items that people use to feel as free as a bird, but those items cannot be used for several reasons by everybody. A lot of people are afraid of airplanes or heights. A lot of people even don’t want to carry a parachute on their back. A lot less have the guts to jump out of a perfectly flying airplane…..

But the sky stays fascinating. What would the feeling be of flying in the air without the use of an airplane or a parachute?

AIR2TUNNEL EUROPE™ creates the solution for everybody. People can fly freely in a controlled air column in a vertical wind tunnel without the use of an airplane, parachute or even to jump off any height!
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